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New FFmbc Release 0.3

Just days after I first wrote about FFmbc (FFMedia Broadcast) the team have released a new version, marked as 0.3.

Enhancements in this version include:
  • Sync on FFmpeg svn r20539.
  • Write Quicktime timecode track.
  • Set closed gop flag for first gop when encoding with b frames.
  • Search relative path when opening Quicktime reference files.
Download the latest source, or a Windows binary, from the project homepage.
Also now included on the FFmbc wiki is a list of requested enhancements. These include support for additional codecs, bitstream validation for MPEG2 files and support for DNxHD 10-bit files. Go to the requested enhancements page to review and add your own requests to the FFmbc-user discussion group.
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  1. November 19, 2009 at 07:07

    phillc’s status on Thursday, 19-Nov-09 10:01:20 UTC

    FFmbc, a broadcast media focussed offshoot of !FFmpeg, has now reached version 0.3 – https://stream0.org/2009/11/new-ffmbc-release-03.html

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