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Possible Formation of FFmpeg Foundation NGO

Recently posted on the FFmpeg Developers mailing list was a request for comment from Ronald Bultje regarding the intention to form an FFmpeg Foundation (although not using that name). 

Full text of Ronald’s post is as follows:

some developers have stated the intent to set up a NGO (non-governmental organization) to help us bring some structure, support and funding into the project. We haven’t decided on a name yet, although people agree that we dislike “FFmpeg Foundation” – if you can suggest better names, please do so in this thread. Right now, we’re at a point where I think most of the stuff is decided and there is just some paperwork to be filled out. All this with many thanks to Karen at the SFLC who helped to get all this going. The NGO will be registered in Delaware, USA (for administrative reasons). Its goal will be to “advance the state of free and open multimedia” or something like that.

For the time being, this organization will be run by a board consisting of 7 members. For the starting board, the following developers have volunteerd:

– Baptiste Coudurier
– Benjamin Larsson
– Carl Eugen Hoyos
– Diego Biurrun
– Mans Rullgard
– Michael Niedermayer
– Ronald S. Bultje

If you feel that these members will not be able to appropriately represent this project, now would be a good time to speak up and suggest something better. For the near future, the directors will elect a new board at the end of their yearly term (and that might end up in the same 7 members). If there’s enough interest, we might set up a member-structure so the board can be properly elected by its members (=developers, contributors, etc.), but ATM we lack the structure for even that ample task, so not for now.

The NGO will set up a bank account to accept tax-deductible donations (bank, paypal, etc.) from organizations, users and companies to benefit the further advance of “open / free multimedia”. These might be spend on FFmpeg development, FFmpeg development hackparties, FFmpeg developers attending conferences or anything else that we will would serve the greater good of “open / free multimedia” (i.e. it doesn’t have to be FFmpeg, specifically). We will also accept donations for a specific purpose (e.g. Snow, etc.). Lastly, we will host a bank account for MPlayer for donations intended specifically for MPlayer, rather than FFmpeg.


This sounds like some really positive news and various comments and questions followed this announcement.
Let’s hope this organisation becomes a reality and really benefits open source multimedia. We’re waiting for a formal announcement soon……

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