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AWS Debian Squeeze AMI with FFmpeg and X264

Stream #0 has now made available our first Amazon Web Services (AWS) AMI. This is based on Eric Hammond’s 64-bit Squeeze AMI: ami-fcf61595.

The first Stream #0 AMI can be found by looking for the following AMI ID in the AWS Management Console: ami-b535d6dc

The following additions have been made over the base Squeeze build:

  • Added Debian Multimedia Repository
  • Updated and Upgraded to October 22nd 2009 latest packages
  • Build x264 from source. r1301
  • Build FFmpeg from source. r20350

FFmpeg has been configured as per the options noted in the How-To here

Ultimately we’re planning to build a few different AMI variations. e.g. Lenny with FFmpeg 0.5 build and x264 from Debian Multimedia Repo as a slightly more stable version of the “Squeeze build everything from source” AMI approach.

The AMI has been made public and Stream0 would really appreciate feedback on this, our first time AMI build.

Everything you need to know about Amazon’s Web Services:

Amazon Web Services
AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
AWS Developer Guide
Alestic – listing Debian and Ubuntu AMIs
ec2debian Google Group

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